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Cerro Avanzado is an ideal excursion to have the best impressive views.

Our vehicles will pick you up at your hotel to start the road to Cerro Avanzado. Throughout the tour we will travel coastal paths with impressive views.

We will visit the Punta Loma sea lion colony, the only place where we will have toilets.

From Punta Loma we will enter the San Guillermo Ranch to access the top of Cerro Avanzado through a short, easy walk of approximately 1000 meters.

Main Attractions: Lobería Punta Loma, Beaches and coasts, lunch or snack with drinks and Spectacular panoramic points.

Estimated time: 4 hours

Route: 50 km approximately

Season: To visit all year

Doradillo Adventure is an excellent excursion to do as a family.

We will prepare to go on excursions in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the weather and the tide.

On board our vehicles, in small groups of a maximum of 14 people per vehicle.

Accompanied by local guides and drivers, we will leave the city towards the North zone, to travel about 15 km until we reach Playas El Doradillo. Place of incredible beauty.

Main Attractions: Coastal sighting of right whales, El Doradillo and Las Canteras Beach, low difficulty trekking, interpreter guides, lunch or snack as appropriate

Estimated time: 3 hours and a half

Route: 50 km approximately

Season: Operable from June to October

Punta Ninfas is an ideal excursion to meet nature.

We will explore one of the most pristine and virgin areas of our destination. Inhospitable and exclusive coasts, led by our naturalist guides.

All the sighting of fauna will be carried out traveling internal roads of Estancia El Pedral. An orchard of wildlife in its natural habitat. Magellan penguins (September to March), cormorants, sea lions and elephant seals. Terrestrial fauna such as guanacos, rheas and hares will cross our path periodically.

Main Attractions: Magellan penguins (September to March), cormorants, sea lions and sea elephants. terrestrial fauna. Beaches, coasts and cliffs. Spectacular panoramic points.

Estimated time: 8/9 hours

Route: approximately 200 km

Season: Operable all year

  Av. Roca 536, Puerto Madryn, Chubut
  +54 280 445-5888

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